Friday, December 29, 2006

My recent reads

Hey all -

First let me tell you about a book I've hear rocks - VENUS ENVY by Shannon McKelden!!

Take one hunky firefighter, one stubborn "Cinderella," and one very reluctant fairy godmother and what do you get?

Rachel Greer wants no part of Venus's scheme to land Mr. March as her Prince Charming, but Venus is determined to do just that. She's only a few love-life fixes short of returning to her former goddess status, and she's not letting one mulish mortal stand in her way.

It appears the only way Rachel can get rid of the very un-Disney-like fairy godmother is to play along. So she follows Venus's plan to interview Luke Stanton's ex-girlfriends...which Venus believes will cure Rachel's relationship fears, but which Rachel knows will only prove her point that men are never what they appear to be.

But, when Venus's plan appears to work, and Rachel and Luke fall in love, does Rachel dare set aside her fears about happily ever? Or will betrayal send her back into relationship seclusion...this time forever?

And what happens when a goddess-turned-fairy godmother breaks the most important rule--protecting herself from human emotions?


The next two books I've read and LOVED them both!

First, Christine Feehan's newest - CONSPIRACY GAME. I'm very glad that Feehan has gone back to writing stories I like. Her last couple didn't do it for me, but I really enjoyed this one. If you've given up on Feehan, as I know some of you have, this one is not only a great read but her craft has really smoothed and grown since she left Dorchester. Point of View is solid, the characters (which I've always thought she's done well) are great in this one. The plot is unbelievable but it's always unbelievable so check your internal nay-sayer at the door and enjoy this ride!!!

The second book I recommend is Roben Owen's HEART QUEST. More good fun in this alternate world full of magic and soul mates!!